Help Center / I FAILED the exam and I am reapplying to NBCOT to sit for the exam again. Must I request and pay NBCOT to send my scores again to Florida?

If you have a current application on file for licensure with the DEPT/Board of Occupational Therapy, and it will not expire (being over 1 year old) before your scores are received, YES. If you do not pay NBCOT to send us your scores, we will not receive them. If you pay NBCOT to send your scores we will receive them electronically, and complete your licensure usually within 1 or 2 days when scores are released. NOTE: It is your responsibility to make sure we receive your successful score or your NBCOT Certification number to verify and complete your licensure, prior to your file expiration date.

However, If you do not already have an application on file for licensure, You may wait until after you receive your successful exam results and apply for a license by Endorsement and submit your NBCOT Certification number on the application and scores are not required. We will attempt to verify your certification on NBCOT’s online “Verify My credentials” site. When we are able to verify your certification and complete your application file we can process your licensure.