Help Center / Is there a limit on how many times I can take the Exam?

Applicants approved for licensure, contingent upon passage of the examination, shall have twelve months from the date of approval by the Board to take the examination and submit proof of scores. If an applicant is unable to successfully complete the examination requirement in the 12-month timeframe, the Florida licensure application will expire.  An applicant in this circumstance may follow the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy’s (NBCOT) procedures for re-taking the examination.  Once the examination is passed, the individual may re-apply for Florida licensure under the Endorsement application method. Please visit NBCOT’s frequently asked questions page for more information on its exam re-take procedures. Applicants with an Exam application on file having taken the exam 3 times without success must complete additional education as prescribed by the Board, pursuant to 468.211(6), F.S.  After 5 unsuccessful examination attempts an applicant is not eligible for licensure by applying under the examination method.