Help Center / Can I get Continuing Education credit for Volunteer hours?

Yes, but only up to 6 hours per biennium are allowed, and approval must be requested prior to services being rendered.  See the Board’s CE Rule 64B11-5.001 (15) Performance of Pro Bono Services – A licensee may receive up to six (6) hours per biennium of continuing education credit through the performance of pro bono services to the indigent as provided in Section 456.013(9), F.S., or to underserved populations, or in areas of critical need within the state where the licensee practices. In order to receive credit under this rule, licensees must make a written request to the Board and receive approval in advance. One (1) hour credit shall be given for each two (2) hours worked. In the written request, licensees shall disclose the type, nature and extent of services to be rendered, the facility where the services will be rendered, the number of patients expected to be serviced, and a statement indicating that the patients to be served are indigent. If the licensee intends to provide services in underserved or critical need areas, the written request shall provide a brief explanation as to those facts.