Continuing Education – CE

To find profession specific Continuing Education requirements, please visit Renewals and choose from the list of professions provided. Click on Requirements, then select the “CE” tab on the requirements page.

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The Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, will now review your continuing education records in the electronic tracking system at the time of renewal. It will happen automatically when you renew your license, but it is important that you understand how this simple change will affect the way you renew your license in the future.

If the practitioner’s continuing education records are complete, they will be able to renew their license without interruption.

If the practitioner’s continuing education records are not complete, they will be prompted to enter their remaining continuing education hours before proceeding with their license renewal.

Continuing Education Reporting Account Types

The Department’s Continuing Education Tracking system is powered by CEBroker

FREE “Just The Basics” Account – This account provides all the necessary tools for you to comply with the departments reporting requirements. You can view your basic course history, which will list the course name, educational provider name, date of completion and hours reported. It would then be up to you to determine whether all of the courses that have been reported will complete all of your specific continuing education requirements. You can also self-report any continuing education that may be missing.

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Professional Account (Paid Subscription – Optional) – This account provides you with all of the tracking tools that CE Broker offers. Your transcript will display what your specific CE requirements are and will calculate what requirements have been met and what may still be outstanding. A Professional Account is a subscription service and is not a requirement but it can be a useful tool in managing your Florida continuing education requirements should you chose to subscribe. This account offers a 7 day Free Trial. This is NOT the FREE account.

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Please refer to Rule 64B11-6, F.A.C. for additional continuing education information.

Healthiest Weight Florida is pleased to announce expanded availability of a FREE Continuing Education/ Continuing Medical Education (CE/CME) course: Healthiest Weight: A Life Course Approach. The Florida Department of Health and the Florida Medical Association (FMA) collaborated to design this course for medical doctors and osteopathic physicians, and it is now available to professionals in the boards of Nursing, Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Dietetics and Dentistry.

Medical and osteopathic physicians must follow the steps below to access the two-hour (2) CME credit course. Please note that the course is available to physicians whether they are FMA members or non-members.

• Go to the FMA online CME catalog and select the “Florida Specific CME” subject area.
• Scroll down the selections and click on “Healthiest Weight: A Life Course Approach”.
• From the course details page, click on “Add to Cart” under “Purchase Options.”
Clicking on “Checkout” will direct you to the FMA sign in page.
• Your login information will be your email address and password currently on file with the FMA (both members and non-members). Click on the “Having Trouble” link from the sign in page if you do not know your password and need to re-set it. If you do not know which email address the FMA has recorded for you, contact the FMA at 800-762-0233 to request login information.
• After signing in, click on “Shopping Cart” in the upper right hand corner and complete the process (at no charge).
• Once you have successfully added the course to your products, click on the “Download Materials” button from your “My Products” tab.

For all other eligible professions, excluding medical and osteopathic physicians, the three (3) credit hour course can be accessed through TRAIN Florida. Once on the TRAIN Florida website, use your login information or, if you do not have an account, click “create account” and then login. The course can be accessed either by searching by title “DOH Healthiest Weight: A Life Course Approach” or course ID 1053825. After you complete the course, TRAIN Florida requires an Assessment and Evaluation be completed for submission to CE Broker for continuing education credit.

Please note this course is valid for two CME credit hours for medical and osteopathic physicians, and three CE credit hours for all other eligible professions.