Help Center / Can I receive CE credits for courses I am required to take for my employer that are job relevant in my current position as an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant, such as in-services, etc.?

You may claim credit for any courses that are “relevant to the practice of occupational therapy”. See continuing education Rule 64B11-6.001 (b) “Shall be relevant to the practice of occupational therapy as defined in Section 468.203(4), Florida Statutes, must be offered for the purpose of keeping the licensee apprised of advancements and new development in occupational therapy, and shall be designed to enhance learning and skills consistent with contemporary standards for occupational therapy practice.”

Continuing Education is for the purpose of enhancing knowledge and skills as an OT or OTA (therapist or therapy assistant), and not necessarily as a “healthcare provider or employee”. Although a course may have “job relevance” does not always qualify it to be “occupational therapy practice relevant”. If you are in doubt, it may be best to take a course you are certain is occupational therapy relevant.