Help Center / Does an occupational therapist need a signed prescription from a physician authorizing OT services in the state of Florida?

In many jurisdictions, the practice of occupational therapy is contingent upon the prescription or referral of a physician, however, the Florida Occupational Therapy Practice Laws and Rules are silent on this issue, not stating that a physician’s prescription is required to provide professional OT services, only that as a licensed Florida OT professional with an active unencumbered license, one is allowed to provide occupational therapy services in the state. See Chapter 468.203, (4) Definitions, Florida Statutes

NOTE: However, there may be, and often are, facilities and company policies, insurances, HMO’s, and/or billing requirements that may mandate a physician’s prescription as a requirement for occupational therapy services; and other regulatory entities such as the Agency for HealthCare Administration’s Facility Regulations, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. You may wish to visit these entities websites and research their regulations regarding such:

Florida’s Agency for HealthCare Administration’s Facility Regulations page:;