Help Center / Does an occupational therapist need a signed prescription from a physician authorizing OT services in the state of Florida?

In many jurisdictions, the practice of occupational therapy is contingent upon the prescription or referral of a physician, however, the Florida Occupational Therapy Practice Laws and Rules are silent on this issue, not stating that a physician’s prescription is required to provide OT services. The regulations only state a licensed Florida OT and OTA with an active unencumbered license can provide occupational therapy services in the state.  See Chapter 468.203, (4) Definitions, Florida Statutes

NOTE: However, there may be, and often are, facilities, company policies, insurances, HMO’s, and/or billing requirements that may mandate a physician’s prescription for occupational therapy services, including other regulatory entities such as the Agency for HealthCare Administration (Facility Regulations), Medicare, Medicaid, etc.  You may wish to inquire and visit these entities websites:

Florida’s Agency for HealthCare Administration’s Facility Regulations page:;