Help Center / How do I reactivate my Inactive license?

During an open renewal period, if your license is in Clear/Inactive status, to reactivate to Clear/Active status you must pay a $160 ($100 reactivation fee + $60 Renewal fee). You must also submit online in CE Broker, the required 26 hours of continuing education for the renewal biennium you changed your status to Inactive and 26 hours for each licensure biennium, in which the license remained in an Inactive status. If you are reactivating your license outside of a renewal period, an additional $50 change of status fee is required.

If your license is in a Delinquent/Active or Delinquent/Inactive status, additional delinquent fees will apply. You will need to contact the Customer Care Center (850) 488-0595 or email the Board office at: for specific requirements.

These transactions cannot be completed online. These fees and changes must be completed by mail.  You must submit the Reactivation Application form (download from the Board’s website, “Resources” tab or send a request to the Board office at: See Rule 64B11-5.006 Inactive and Delinquent Status Fees.