Help Center / How may I be exempt from continuing education requirements?

There are two exemptions allowed for continuing education requirements. One is for the person licensed in the second half of the biennium. They are exempt from continuing education requirements for that biennium, except for the 2 hours prevention of medical errors course and the 1 hour HIV/AIDS education until the beginning of the next renewal, at which time they must begin collecting their continuing education requirements for the next renewal. See 64B11-5.001, F.A.C. for further information. Two, a licensee who is the spouse of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States is exempt from all licensure renewal provisions for any period of time in which the licensee is absent from the State of Florida due to the spouse’s duties with the Armed Forces. The licensee must document the absence and submit copies of the spouse’s military orders/status to the Board. See 64B11-5.0065, F.A.C..