Help Center / I FAILED the NBCOT Exam 3 times, What kind of education is prescribed by the Florida OT Board?

Applicants with an Exam application on file having taken the exam 3 times without success must complete additional education as prescribed by the Board, pursuant to 468.211(6), F.S. The Florida OT Board recommends that one takes advantage of the following tools from the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy in preparing to re-take the examination, as their “prescribed additional education” for those who have failed the exam three times:

Available at:

  • NBCOT Entry-Level Self-Assessment Tools
    NBCOT Aspire study tools allows you to identify your readiness for the exam and identify areas where more study might be helpful. Available on the NBCOT website at:
  • Review of Examination Content
    Provides a breakdown of the 3 major areas to be covered on the exam and provides the percentage of each domain to assist in determining which areas on which to place the most focus in preparing for the exam. Available at:
  • Study Guides, Practice Tests, Mini Tests, Flashcards, Study Plans, etc.,
    are available to order on the NBCOT website. The NBCOT Exam Study pack is available 24 hours a day. Available on the NBCOT website