Help Center / If I take a course by a non-approved provider can I submit the information in CE Broker?

Yes. Any hours not reported by a provider, for which a licensee has proof of attendance, can be easily self-reported.

First, verify whether the course provider is a Florida Board of Occupational Therapy Practice approved provider by visiting the CE Providers Search option for approved providers on CE Broker, at: If they are a Board approved provider their courses are acceptable for continuing education credit.  Secondly, verify whether they are an approved CE Provider for the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) or a Florida Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) provider, which by Board Rule would also be acceptable continuing education.

If the provider does not have specific approval by the Board, AOTA or FOTA, you would need to consider whether the certification you are seeking meets the Board’s CE acceptance criteria for other courses relevant to the practice as defined in Board Rule 64B11-6.001, Florida Administrative Code.  Please compare the information from the course you are considering to the outlined criteria in this rule to determine whether it meets the stated requirements.  If you determine it is relevant to the practice of occupational therapy and to take the course, you will need to self-report the course to your personal CEBroker account according to the instructions below.  You are not required to have a paid account to self-report in Ce Broker.  You would need to login to your CEBroker dashboard, where you will see the option to self-report CE.  You would report under the category “Course/Program Relevant To The Practice Of Occupational Therapy”.


How to Self-Report non-Board approved, relevant to the practice of occupational therapy practice continuing education hours. 


      1. What is the name of the continuing education provider?
        A:/ Short Answer
      2. What is the name of the course as indicated on your course completion certificate?
        A:/ Short Answer
      3. Was the course presented by an instructor possessing education and/or experience relevant to the subject matter of the course?
        A:/ Short Answer
      4. Please indicate, from the selections below, how this course was most relevant to the practice of occupational therapy as defined by Florida law?
        A:/ Multiple Choice:

        1. Most relevant to achieving functional outcomes by maximizing the independence and maintenance of an individual limited by a physical injury or illness.
        2. Most relevant to achieving functional outcomes by maximizing the independence and maintenance of an individual limited by a cognitive impairment, a psychosocial dysfunction, a mental illness, a developmental or a learning disability, or an adverse environmental condition.
        3. Most relevant to occupational therapy skills related to the observation or the administration and interpretation of standardized or non-standardized tests and measurements to identify areas for occupational therapy services.
        4. Most relevant to occupational therapy services involving treatment, education, consultation or interventions directed toward developing daily living skills, work readiness or work performance, play skills or leisure capacities, or enhancing educational performance skills.
        5. Most relevant to occupational therapy services providing for the development of sensory-motor, perceptual, or neuromuscular functioning; range of motion; or emotional, motivational, cognitive, or psychosocial components of performance.

    Attachments: If submitting documentation, be prepared to attach your certificate of completion.

    Attestation: I hereby certify that the answers on this application are true and correct.

    Pursuant to Section 456.072(1), F.S., making misleading or fraudulent representations shall constitute grounds for which disciplinary actions specified in Section 456.072(2)(3), F.S., may be taken.