Help Center / What will happen if I do not have the required continuing education for renewal?

If you do not have the required continuing education hours reported and confirmed in CE Broker, you cannot renew your license, after the 02/28/2025 expiration date. The online renewal system will not allow you to move forward with your renewal process until required continuing education hours have been confirmed “COMPLETE” in CE Broker. On 03/01/2026 your licensure status will move to a Delinquent/Active status. In order to renew a Delinquent/Active status license back to a Clear/Active status you will be required to Complete/Confirm the continuing education requirements and submit a $115 fee ($60 renewal +$55 delinquent fee, if you are only Delinquent for this one renewal period and if submitted prior to the next renewal period. You cannot work legally on a Delinquent status license in Florida.