Help Center / Where can I find specific Guidelines for COTA Supervision?

The Florida Occupational Therapy Practice Act does not address “COTA Supervision” specifically, only the definition of “supervision” is defined by statute. The statute allows and requires the OTR the authority to determine what level of supervision is needed for each individual they agree to supervise, based on the individual’s skills, education, training, etc. Therefore, any services provided by an OTA must be under the supervision of a licensed OT that provides initial direction and follow-up on the implementation of a plan of treatment to provide occupational therapy services. However, some facilities may have requirements based on billing purposes and/or regulations. See below the Florida Statute excerpt with the definition of supervision as defined in the Florida Licensure Practice Act. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has set forth Guidelines for Supervision, Roles, and Responsibilities for the profession that may be helpful. You may contact AOTA directly at 301-652-2682 or at:

CHAPTER 468, PART III, 468.203 (8) “Supervision” means responsible supervision and control, with the licensed occupational therapist providing both initial direction in developing a plan of treatment and periodic inspection of the actual implementation of the plan. Such plan of treatment shall not be altered by the supervised individual without prior consultation with, and the approval of, the supervising occupational therapist. The supervising occupational therapist need not always be physically present or on the premises when the assistant is performing services; however, except in cases of emergency, supervision shall require the availability of the supervising occupational therapist for consultation with and direction of the supervised individual.