Help Center / Which modalities certifications does FL approve?

Although the Florida Board of Occupational Therapy Practice does not specify that OT’s or OTA’s must obtain a certain “set” of modality certifications; appropriate training/certification should be sought for the modalities that an OT or OTA intends to use in practice. The Board’s regulations specifically address the type of training required for an OT or OTA to use (1) Electrical Stimulation, (2) Ultrasound Devices or (3) Neurofeedback Device in practice. Those requirements are found in Rule 64B11-4.001, F.A.C., Use of Prescription Devices.

It is important to note that many courses may be Board approved courses for “continuing education credit” purposes, and given by approved providers found in the course search features in  However, for purpose of fulfilling the “modalities certification” requirements, paragraphs (1)(c), (2)(c) and (3)(c) of this Rule indicate that online courses are NOT approved for either didactic or performance training for these specific modalities.