Help Center / Can I apply for a Temporary Permit while I wait to take the NBCOT Exam?

Yes, you may apply for a temporary permit.  The temporary permit is granted as a courtesy of the Board to eligible applicants for licensure that are scheduled to take the exam for the first time, is only a one-time opportunity, and is immediately invalid upon receipt of unsuccessful examination results.

It is the Board’s strong encouragement that new graduates focus first on successfully completing the exam and apply by the Endorsement method. Temporary permits are not renewable, cannot be re-issued, so often, employers are left with the absence of a therapist or assistant, and applicants without employment, when unsuccessful exam results are received.

Our online applications are for licensure by Endorsement or Exam with Waiver and applications are streamlined; reviewed daily with licensing completed the same day to an average of 3 days.

To apply for a temporary permit you must download a paper application found on the Board’s website under the Resources Tab ( and select the Examination method. You may request a temporary permit on page 11 of the application.

NOTE: the application is for the issuance of a permanent license with a temporary permit opportunity. Issuance of a temporary permit is a courtesy of the Board and may be granted if eligible, and requirements and time deadlines are met.

Before a Temporary Permit may be issued you must submit:

  1. A completed paper application with $180 application/licensure fee. ( Must be mailed.
  2. Proof of scheduled Exam Date. This is not the NBCOT Authorization or eligibility to Test (ATT) letter. This letter/email must be from the exam vendor. Please note any previously submitted documents prior to the submission of an application, must be re-submitted with the application.
  3. Proof of NBCOT Exam results requested to be sent to Florida (a score transfer). An email confirmation receipt is sufficient.
  4. Employer and supervisor information. (Employer name, address, phone, Supervisor name, license number, email, and phone)
  5. Application must be received and completed at least two weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. We do not issue temporary permits for two weeks or less.

Again, it is the Board’s strong encouragement that one successfully completes the examination first, and then seek permanent licensure in the state, applying by Endorsement. The online application will advise you of requirements once you create a login account and begin completing the application. You MUST submit the $180 fee, a completed application, (leave no blanks) including your social security number. Applications without a fee are not processed.  Applications received without a social security number are deficient.